Exploring opportunities and startups in B2B payments.
An intro to liquidity, exchanges, and more...
Eric Gastfriend (CEO and Co-Founder at DynamiCare Health)Listen now (29 min) | Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed Michael’s most recent piece on B2B payments as a multi-trillion opportunity as well as his article…
Jack Swain (Head of Operations at Mindbloom)Listen now (35 min) | Hi everyone, Happy Friday! Before I get into it, I’m going to do something a little different here and provide a few resources…
Robert Bent (Co-Founder & CEO of Inward Breathwork)Listen now (52 min) | Hi everyone, We’re back. Michael and I recently graduated and have spent the month celebrating and traveling, hence the long break…
A mini deep dive into America's grocery delivery industry.
Turner gives advice for students and talks Snapchat, TikTok, and Clubhouse.
Welcome to The Takeoff, a newsletter and podcast helping students and young professionals learn more about startups, tech, venture capital, and more. In…
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