Dec 14, 2020 • 28M

Hunter Walk (Co-founder & Partner at Homebrew)

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Hey everyone 👋,

Welcome back for a new episode of The Takeoff Podcast. We’re taking a break from studying for our finals to bring you a super exciting episode with Hunter Walk.

Hunter is co-founder & Partner at Homebrew, a seed-stage venture firm he founded in 2013 with Satya Patel. Homebrew has invested in the likes of Plaid, Gusto, Chime, Bowery Farming, Stir, Finix Payments, Honor, Lumi, Tia, theSkimm, Winnie, and many more (see full portfolio).

Prior to founding Homebrew, Hunter led consumer product management at YouTube, spent time on the product and marketing team at Linden Lab, and worked in management consulting at Deloitte.

In this episode, Hunter and I discuss:

  • Founding Homebrew with Satya Patel

  • How Homebrew adds value to portfolio founders

  • Changes to the seed investing landscape since Homebrew started in 2013

  • Optimizing for processes early on, not just hitting milestones

  • Consulting at Deloitte out of school

  • Why you should focus on learning early in your career

  • Advice for aspiring VCs

  • & much more.

You can find Hunter’s blog at He wrote a cool article on regaining time earlier today titled: What Happened When I Deleted Every Meeting From My Calendar. It’s a good, short read.

Hunter is on Twitter @hunterwalk. Follow him there for good bant, pictures of dogs, awesome startup- and VC-related advice and insights, and more… including this one from yesterday (if you know, you know):

Hope you enjoy the episode!



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