Clubhouse room with JD Ross (Co-founder of Opendoor | General Partner at Atomic | WashU alum)

Monday (April 19) at 6pm PST / 8pm CT / 9pm EST. Be there!

Hi everyone (Lukas here 👋),

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m excited to announce our upcoming Clubhouse room with JD Ross this coming Monday (April 19 at 8pm CT). As one of the most successful entrepreneurs to come out of WashU, JD co-founded Opendoor in 2014 with fellow innovators Keith Rabios and Eric Wu. Opendoor recently went public through a SPAC and currently has a market cap of ~$11b (stock ticker: $OPEN).

JD is currently a GP at Atomic (an early-stage venture fund and startup incubator). Hims, Hers, and Bungalow all came out of Atomic! JD recently moved to Austin, TX, and is a big proponent of the city!

As an academic caught in the role of a venture capitalist, we have plenty to talk about with JD regarding a host of topics this Monday (April 19th) at 6pm PST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST.

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(If you want to attend but aren’t on Clubhouse yet, shoot me a dm on Twitter (@lukassteinbock) or get in touch some other way, and I’ll see what I can do 😁)

The Clubhouse Room

We will touch on topics including:

  • How do you allocate time early in your career?

  • Why is it so important to build early in your career?

  • What qualities make a great entrepreneur?

  • The exodus of SF.

  • What are the greatest challenges facing our planet?

  • And more.

We will also open up the stage for questions from our audience at the end, so please don’t hesitate to hop in and learn as much as possible!

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In case you missed it, I recently published my interview with Seth Winterroth, which you can check out on the platforms below. That’s all from me, and hope to see you on Monday in our Clubhouse room!

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