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Hey everyone,

Michael here 👋. Welcome to the April 24th Edition of What We’ve Been Following. We cover a lot of great content in here, so I hope you get a chance to check out some of it in-depth over the weekend.

New content since the last What We’ve Been Following newsletter from April 11.

  • (Podcast) Lukas chatted with Seth Winterroth (Partner at Eclipse Ventures) to discuss his background, mentorship, and more.

  • (Clubhouse) We hosted a Clubhouse room with Opendoor co-founder and Atomic GP JD Ross the other day. We had an awesome convo about Opendoor, Atomic, how to spend your time early in your career, mentorship, and more. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to record the discussion given it was on Clubhouse, but stay on the lookout for more Clubhouse rooms in the coming weeks. We also recently made a club for The Takeoff on Clubhouse. You can join it by visiting the link below.

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Written by Michael Spiro (Founder at The Takeoff. Senior at Washington University in St. LouisJMI EquityEqual VenturesGround Up VenturesIntello).