A Sneak Peek Into my Guide to Behavioral Health and Some Other Valuable Resources

Hello everyone (Lukas here 👋),

Super psyched to almost be done with my Guide to Behavioral Health, along with my market map 👇

Although there is way more information to be found when I release the full Guide next week on Notion, below are a few of my key takeaways from the research / Guide:

  1. Mental health is becoming de-stigmatized which is leading to higher demand.

    • We need executives and celebrities to open up about their own struggles.

  2. There is a supply-demand imbalance where demand outruns the supply of therapists.

    • This is especially true in rural areas and can be solved by virtual care, AI, and coaching.

  3. There are no universal/productive means of outcome measurement in behavioral health.

    • How do payers and providers work together to solve this problem?

  4. Providers are increasingly selling to employers as a go-to-market.

  5. The Psychedelic industry is moving fast with lots of funding and promising research.

  6. There are three Ps to having a successful therapeutic recovery: people, place, and purpose.

  7. COVID has decreased a lot of the regulations around Telehealth, but will this stay?

  8. As more people become aware of their mental health, more companies surrounding mild/moderate cases of mental illness and prevention will become important.

In addition to my key takeaways from my research and Guide, I’ll also leave you with a few of my favorite resources to learn more about the space.

  • (Article) Sarah Du’s Mapping Out Mental Health Tech posts drops some innovative ideas on the space and looks at the space from more of an investor’s perspective than my Guide.

  • (Podcast) Stephen Hays’ Stigma Podcast has been my go-to resource for learning more about the space. On the Podcast, he interviews leaders like Tom Insel (Co-founder of Mindstrong and Humanest), Michael Acton Smith (Co-founder of Calm), and Steve Schlafmen, among many others.

  • (Research) Base10’s number-crunching on the industry gives us an idea of just how much attention this industry is getting.

  • (Podcast) Michael Pollan on Tim Ferris gives an excellent introduction to Psychedelics for those who do not much about them.

Massive shout out to Russell Glass, Samir Malik, Saurabh Bhansali, Gregor Hoffman, Omar Dawood, Payal Parikh, Dr. Steven Scheuller, Sarah Du, Guy Friedman, and Michael Spiro for helping me with this piece. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Now, here’s some of our other content from the past few weeks:

  • We launched a website! Now you can see all of our content neatly organized so you can quickly learn from us :)

  • (Interview) Lukas interviewed Shiv Gaglani (Co-founder and CEO of Osmosis) to talk about how Osmosis is changing the game in medical education.

  • (Clubhouse) Roshan chatted with Vidya Madhavan, founder & CEO at Schmooze (the meme-based dating app), on Clubhouse. Wish we could’ve recorded it!

Here’s what’s coming from us:

  • (Clubhouse) [Mon, March 29th, 8 PM CST] we’ll be hosting a Clubhouse room with WashU’s Endowment, where we’ll talk about what an endowment is, how WashU’s Endowment allocates capital, how they go about finding emerging VC managers, and more.

  • (Podcast) I recently spoke with Seth Winterroth, Partner at Eclipse, to discuss the pressures of mob mentality and how to clear your mind to focus on your passions.

  • (Podcast) Spiro recently chatted with his former boss, Barak Kaufman, who recently sold his startup Intello to identity management leader SailPoint.

Now, here’s some good ol’ content to check out:

  • (Podcast) Really quality episode from Erik Torenburg and guest Cooper Turley discussing the basics of NFTs.

  • (Podcast) In this episode, Rappi Founder Simón Borrero discusses how in order to get smarter people than him to work with him, he convinces them to work on the mission rather than working with him.

  • (Podcast) Patrick O'Shaughnessy brings on former Takeoff guest Matteo Franceschetti to discuss how he is modernizing sleep with Eight Sleep.

  • (Article) Is Discord going to sell? Read more here.

  • (Tweet) Are you short on Clubhouse?

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Written by: Lukas Steinbock (Co-Founder at The Takeoff. Senior at Washington University in St. Louis. Intern at BlueSprig.)

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