My Guide to Behavioral Health

Hello everyone (Lukas here πŸ‘‹),

I am excited to announce that I am officially done with my Guide to Behavioral Health, which you can find on Notion below πŸ‘‡. See a brief summary of my piece even further below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡.

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Key Takeaways

  1. Mental health is becoming de-stigmatized which is leading to higher demand. We need executives and celebrities to open up about their own struggles. Read more on the Solutions page.

  2. There is a supply-demand imbalance where demand outruns the supply of therapists. This is especially true in rural areas and can be solved by virtual care, AI, and coaching. Read more here: Challenges.

  3. There are no universal/productive means of outcome measurement in behavioral health. How do payers and providers work together to solve this problem?

  4. Providers are increasingly selling to employers as a go-to-market. Read more here: Therapy/Psychiatry .

  5. The Psychedelic industry is moving fast with lots of funding and promising research. Read more here: Psychedelics.

  6. There are three Ps to having a successful therapeutic recovery from Dr. Tom Insel: people, place, and purpose.

  7. COVID has decreased a lot of the regulations around Telehealth, but will this stay?

  8. As more people become aware of their mental health, more companies surrounding mild/moderate cases of mental illness and prevention will become important.

Why this space is important to me?

To sum this up with some of my own thoughts, everyone has mental health. Everyone has the choice to nurture it or ignore it. Every solution we can achieve in life depends on our mental health. Whether it's climate change, equity, or clean water, the solutions to all of these problems come from each individual's ability to satisfy themselves inward in order to help the world around them.

Thank you

I want to give a special thank you to Michael Spiro, Payal Parikh, and Sarah Du for being first readers! Also, a special thank you to my amazing mother, Margaret Riegel, for making the beautiful market map.

I would also like to thank Russell GlassSamir MalikSaurabh BhansaliGregor HoffmanOmar DawoodDr. Steven ScheullerGuy Friedman, and Daniel Tarockoff for giving the insights to make this piece possible.

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Written by: Lukas Steinbock (Co-Founder at The Takeoff. Senior at Washington University in St. Louis. Intern at BlueSprig.)

I’m on Twitter @lukassteinbock πŸ‘‹