The Takeoff Website!

We made a website! Check it out:

Hey friends!

Michael here 👋. We have some super exciting news!

We just launched a new website! Check it out HERE.


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When Lukas, Roshan, and I started The Takeoff, our goal was to help students learn more about startups & tech and become the next wave of great startup founders, operators, and investors.

Today, with the launch of our new website, we move one step closer to making this a reality!

Our new site has a few cool features. Some of my favorite features include (scroll down for pics):

Check out our new site!

Want to see what I’m talking about?

  1. Startup / VC Resource Guide for Students.

  2. See and Sort Through Past Content.

  3. Guide to Cold Outreach.

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  4. Getting involved as a Contributor.

  5. Homepage.

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