What is The Takeoff?

The Takeoff is a publication designed to teach and inspire the next generation of startup and technology leaders. 

The Takeoff was founded by 3 undergrads at Washington University in St. Louis. Our Contributor network also includes students from Stanford, UPenn, Michigan, Columbia, and Duke.

We are student-founded, formerly student-led, and have reached thousands of students and professionals across the world with our content.

What do we do?

  1. Interview leading founders, operators, and investors, asking questions designed to help college students, recent grads, and professionals who are interested in careers in startups, tech, venture capital, product, engineering, and more.

  2. Deep dives into exciting spaces / markets, where we analyze market conditions, explore startups in the space, and highlight opportunities for new players to emerge.

  3. We used to share curated content that we think our subscribers would learn from and enjoy consuming. This series is now retired, but feel free to check out our old editions!

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