We’re a group of undergrads trying to help fellow students (and more) learn more about startups, technology, and venture capital.

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What is The Takeoff?

The Takeoff is a publication designed to teach and inspire the next generation of startup and technology leaders. We interview leading founders, operators, and investors, asking questions designed to help college students + recent grads who are interested in careers in startups, tech, venture capital, product, engineering, and more.

We release our interviews every Monday (via email) so that all of our subscribers can learn from our incredible interviewees. Some interviews are done via newsletter format, others are done via podcast. Subscribing will allow you to get all of them in your inbox!

Check out: Jeff Moris Jr. (Founder & Managing Partner at Chapter One), Ashley Brasier (Partner at Lightspeed), Ryan Choi (PM & Engineer at Y Combinator), Domm Holland (Co-founder & CEO at Fast), Sam Altman (CEO at OpenAI; former president at Y Combinator).

We also have a bi-weekly newsletter, called What We’ve Been Following, that highlights some of the articles, blog posts, newsletters, podcasts, and more that our team found interesting over the previous two weeks. What We’ve Been Following goes out every other Friday (also via email).

We’re also working on a few other things that should come into play in the coming weeks :)

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Our interviews are designed to inspire the next generation of great leaders, founders, operators, and investors. Our team is made up of three college undergrads; many of the questions we ask are thought of with the student in mind 😃.

We want to help you (our subscribers) learn from some of the incredible people behind today’s leading companies. And, we want to help our interview guests give back and inspire the next wave of great tech & startup leaders.

The Team

Who’s curating The Takeoff’s content? Michael, Roshan, and Lukas - three undergrads at Washington University in St. Louis. Want to get involved? (DM us)


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