Elon pushes Dogecoin, COVID-19 shapes mental health, great tweets, great pods, what more can you ask for.

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What’s up people! Lukas here :) 

We are into February, the Super Bowl has passed, and the weather in St. Louis has somehow gotten even colder.

Welcome to the February 13th Edition of What We’ve Been Following, our bi-weekly newsletter highlighting some of the newsletters, podcasts, blog posts, tweets, startup news, and more that our Team found interesting over the past few weeks.

If you missed the last Edition of What We’ve Been Following, published on January 30th and written by Spiro, you can check it out, here.

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New content since the last What We’ve Been Following newsletter from Jan 30th.

  • (Podcast) Michael chatted with Dave Fano, Co-Founder & CEO of Teal about what the early days of Teal were like, creating an obsession to grow your career, building a “Peloton or your career,” and the Miami tech scene. Dave also offers some great advice for current students and aspiring founders.

What’s coming up.

  • (Podcast) Michael recently chatted with Sara Mauskopf, co-founder & CEO at Winnie for the pod! The episode will go live on February 15.

  • (Newsletter) Roshan recently chatted with VC & TikTok legend Turner Novak about his thoughts on some interesting social media companies. Release date: stay tuned!

  • (Q&A) I chatted with Shiv Gaglani to discuss his company, Osmosis, and how he is building a more seamless system for medical education delivery, online! This episode will go live on March 1st.

What We’ve Been Following.

Tweets, threads, and other Twitter fun.

  • More Elon! Tesla added Bitcoin to their balance sheet, pushing Crypto even further into the mainstream.

  • Oh, and, don’t forget, he’s doing this while not respecting the SEC.

  • Learn more about what Patrick O'Shaughnessy is building with Colossus.

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