Jul 31, 2020 • 5M

The Takeoff Podcast

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The Takeoff
Inspiring the next generation of startup and tech leaders through: 1. Interviews with leading founders, operators, and investors. 2. Curated content. 3. Industry deep-dives. 4. And, more. Subscribe to our Substack newsletter https://thetakeoff.substack.com/ and find us on Twitter @_TheTakeoff.
Episode details

We are launching a Podcast! More info to come in the next few weeks, but we are super excited for the Podcast. Lukas is going to be leading the charge here — starting with his telehealth series, set to release in late August. Interview guests:

  • Russell Glass (CEO at Ginger)

  • Guy Friedman (Co-founder & CEO at SteadyMD)

  • Saurabh Bhansali (Partner at Health Velocity Capital)

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What is The Takeoff Podcast?

In this trailer episode, Michael Spiro, Lukas Steinbock, and Roshan Chanda (undergrads at WashU and founders at The Takeoff) discuss The Takeoff, why they are launching The Takeoff Podcast, and more.

Background on The Takeoff

The Takeoff's goal is to inspire the next generation of startup and technology leaders. We do so through long-form interviews with leading founders, operators, and investors (Domm @ Fast, JMJ @ Chapter One, Ashley Brasier @ Lightspeed -- to name a few), curated content, cool projects, and more.

We have a lot in store and are super excited to launch the Podcast!

Note: The Takeoff Podcast is currently being run as an experiment. We want to see how our followers / listeners react to our early episodes before deciding whether or not to continue the Podcast moving forward. With that said, if you have any feedback, shoot us a DM on Twitter @_TheTakeoff.