Dec 7, 2020 • 29M

Sam Corcos (CEO & Co-Founder of Levels) on how monitoring glucose levels can improve your health

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What’s up everyone ✋,

Winding down the semester here in St. Louis with some cold weather but an amazing new podcast episode! Thanks to Eric Cohen, an early investor in Levels, I had the chance to speak to Sam Corcos, their CEO and Co-founder, and have him on The Takeoff!

Levels helps thousands of people stay healthy by tracking their glucose levels through its biowearable CGM metabolic sensor. Levels recently raised a $12M seed round led by Andressen Horowitz (read more about the round on TechCrunch). Sam is also the founder of three previous companies, including Cardash, which went through Y Combinator in 2017. He shares plenty of wisdom with us in this episode, including:

  • Key takeaways from his past experiences as an entrepreneur

  • The origin of Levels

  • How research has helped Levels

  • The most recent funding round

  • Advice to the younger generation

  • How to destress (don’t consume news?!)

Where to find the interview with Sam:

Moderator: Lukas Steinbock (Co-Founder at The Takeoff. Senior at Washington University in St. Louis. Growth Marketing Intern at BlueSprig.)

I’m on Twitter @lukassteinbock 👋

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