Aug 19, 2020 • 19M

The Takeoff Podcast: Russell Glass (CEO at Ginger)

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Episode details

We are super excited to officially launch our first podcast episode! The Takeoff Podcast is a new podcast brought to you by The Takeoff. In it, we’ll be interviewing some of the folks behind today’s leading startups & companies, allowing them to share their stories and offer advice for our listeners. These interviews will be almost identical to the long-form interviews we release via the Newsletter.

This Podcast episode is Part 1 of our telehealth series.

Guest Profile:

Interview Guest: Russell Glass (@glassruss)

Role: CEO at Ginger

What is Ginger?: Ginger is an on-demand mental health company. Ginger has raised over $120M to date, including a $50M Series D co-led by Bessemer and Advance Venture Partners in early August.

Previous: Prior to joining Ginger as CEO, Russ was the Founder & CEO at Bizo, a B2B audience marketing and data platform. Bizo was acquired by LinkedIn in 2014. Russ then joined the LinkedIn team as VP of Products.

Moderator: Lukas Steinbock (@lukassteinbock)

Quick Note: In this episode of our telehealth Podcast series, Russ and Lukas discuss the market imbalance that exists within the space, go-to-market strategies for healthcare companies, the surge in growth that telehealth companies have seen due to COVID-19, career advice for students, and more.

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